Monday, June 02, 2008

Further Rozita Swinton Update...

It's not much, but I have no reason to believe that anyone has actually spoken to "Kate Rosemary" beyond email exchanges. That may be a belief of mine that is shot down soon. It is my current position that there is no one in the press outside of Paula Underwood Winters of the Westview who claims to have actually met "Kate" in person. There is only one person I know of outside of Ms. Winters that may have spoken to her, but that person will not say if she when confronted, if she has actually met her. I continue to think this is important. If I can find an unimpeachable source that will say "I've met her, in the flesh," I will ask them first, "Is she WHITE?"

Lest you think that is racist, it's just a characteristic that is prominent. If "Kate" is white, she is not Rozita and that would settle one issue. If she's black, I plan to ask the source if she's seen Rozita's picture, and then that will be that. I can quit chasing that rabbit.

I still think Rozita is not Kate. I do think Kate has reasons to hide who she is apart from her intermittent claim that she is concerned for her former foster children. I think those reasons are not noble, I think they are self serving in some way, or aid Rozita in some way. We can't know how until we know who Kate Rosemary actually is.

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