Thursday, June 05, 2008

Why Rozita's Foster Mother is important.

What I would do when I found "Kate Rosemary" depended on who it was that I found at the other end of my search for the foster mother of Rozita Swinton. What I found was a publicity seeking entrepreneur. That's no crime. It is however a reason not to show great deference to her privacy. She doesn't want it. She simply wants to control when she is on the stage and what the subject matter is. The rest are excuses. So, she's outed. As of this writing her web page is down, but it's still available in "cache" on Google. I've saved most of it to my computer. I'll bet it survives on the "way back" machine as well for some time.

Now to why she is important. Rozita is a a myriad of conflicting and largely untruthful representations. She's a "Devout Mormon" but she was raised in part in her early life by a female Methodist liberal pastor whose associates are gay/lesbian rights advocates. The LDS do not accept homosexuality nor do they place women in their leadership.

The people of Rozita's foster care parentage are fiercely protective, of her. Yet when we dig trying to find record of her abuse, there is none, but she is treated as if she is a fragile soul that is about to break. I on the other hand am fiercely protective of the over 400 children she put in front of the barrels of several guns. I think that trumps Rozita's "right to privacy." Making the connections that debunk her claims trump Mary Catharine Nelson's rights as well. I offered her a chance to explain herself privately, she did not take it. She plead an agreement with Rozita's attorney as justification. This is quite different than protecting the "children" she no longer has in her care. The reason she successfully offered to other reporters for not revealing her identity.

Rozita had someone else make her $20,000.00 bail. Rozita has phones from all over the country that she made phony calls with, diverting law enforcement resources on several other occasions. She very well could already have cost someone their life since police were one place, frantically looking for her supposedly suicidal abused self, when they could have been elsewhere.

We need to know her most intimate personal connections BEFORE she goes into her hearing tomorrow, and now we do know one of the most important ones. We need to know if they have been aiding her. We need not to let Colorado and Texas sweep her under the rug and pretend it doesn't matter. The only way to do that is to ASK QUESTIONS. The only way to ask questions with relevance is to ask them of someone relevant. Now we have a place to start.

Right after I posted information about Mary Catharine Nelson on my website, I also sent her an email telling her if she could give me a good reason, I'd take it down. Instead, it appears she took her own web site down. I warned her on several occasions she could and probably would be found before I posted this information. She stood pat. It turns out I had visited her site weeks ago in search of "Kate Rosemary." It was just a matter of time. If she indeed took her site down just now, then she could have done that when I first made contact. She did not.

Rozita's past CANNOT be taken at face value, her statements that she asks us to believe cannot either. Most of her past is gross contradiction. Everything must investigated before believed, every stone turned over. If she say she went on a mission we don't print that as fact until we know who with, when, that sort of thing. If she says she is Mormon, we call. If she says she is gay, we check to see if she is straight. If she says she bought a phone, we check to see if she got it from someone else. Maybe someone gave her a phone and pointed her in the direction of the FLDS, that's what we really want to know. If that's the case, we want to know who those someones are.

UPDATE: Apparently Mary Catharine Nelson has an interest in Westview Publishing. Follow the Link. Westview is her publisher, and apparently in more ways than one. This makes all the information flowing from that source highly suspect. It also means "Kate Rosemary" promoted her connection with Rozita Swinton very consciously.

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