Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My Last on Rozita?

My last try before Friday, that is. On June 6th Rozita Swinton appears in court in Colorado Springs on her phony phone call charges. I expect something will come out then, but Rozita is being protected. She inspires protective instincts, it's her modus operandi.

I and others have been on the Rozita trail for a while. In private exchanges in early April I speculated (not casually) that "Sarah", the persona Rozita used to dupe a willing Texas CPS was a fake. It set off all my alarms, the main one being "how convenient." I have rushed in before on convenient evidence that appeared plausible and got my rear handed to me quickly. Wise men sometimes become wise by rushing in, Fools rush in again and again. Wise men remember the butt kicking they got at the hand of their own hastiness, hesitate, and ask a few more questions.

Wise men also make strategic decisions. I have made a few. I'm not horn tooting when I say that I've been in touch with a few network reporters and a few major newspaper reporters. I made the calculated decision to willingly turn over all my research notes without condition. I have seen some of basic outlines turn up in other stories. The decision I made was based on the fact that these people have more resources than I do and the chances the story would get told would go up. Well, to some extent that turned out to be true, and to some extent that turned out not to be true. I am now bound by honor not to discuss who my contacts are and some people who now know answers aren't telling me. Oh well.

I have gone about my attempts to find Rozita's foster parent by more conventional means and found her but I don't have her name yet. I will eventually, but I had hoped to do so prior to this Friday. When I find her, I will have a decision to make, as to whether I out her or not. I can't really know if I'm going to do that until I talk to her at length. So far her conversations with me via email have yielded some results. One, I am finally satisfied that the small chance of her being another of Rozita's aliases is now essentially no chance. They are separate people. "Kate Rosemary" also continues to claim she may not discuss Rozita for two reasons that are not always given together. The protection of her existing foster children (which I suspect is a lie) and the protection of Rozita based on agreement with Rozita's attorney. Let me be clear again that "Kate" has no right to privacy regarding her identity since she has chosen to inject herself into the limelight by seeking to publicize two books in which she claims Rozita appears.

I have a decision to make when I find her identity and that will be whether I wish to expose her myself. I might not. I could find her reasons for ongoing privacy to be good ones in which case I will not mention her. I could find them to be inadequate, and then she's going to get a full outing. Name, picture, the works. Why you ask?

Someone posted Rozita's $20,000.00 bail that was named a friend. We don't know who that someone is. This speaks to Rozita's lack of resources. A person with lack of resources that gets "track" phones from all over the country. Hmmmmm. This speaks of a support network.

Rozita's support network is willing to commit illegal acts. One of her phones was purchased in the name of "Freddie Brinson" with a fake Social Security Number at a "Dollar Store" in Tennessee. My only viable lead for a real "Freddie Brinson" has denied to me in a phone conversation that she is the "Freddie" that bought the phone. I believe her so I dropped that lead.

I have been researching since late April or early May several "friends" of Rozita's foster parent, in an effort to contact that foster parent. That is how I came across "" and "Kate's" email addresses. Things blossomed out from there. I now have a list of about 5 or 6 real people with real names and email addresses or phone numbers that know "Kate" personally. Most of them are in the custody/foster care/child care industry in Nashville. Most of them are connected with Vanderbilt University. Those people are NOT public figures. I cannot in good conscience mention those names publicly. Authors I can mention. Registered Nurses? No. Psychologists? No.

So, if any of you are reading this blog in Nashville TN, and you have any connections at Vanderbilt University or Vanderbilt Children's hospital, I'd like to hear from you. We might be able to help each other out. The sooner we get to the bottom of the Rozita Swinton well, the better it will be for those who were wronged by her. Waiting until the entire court process has worked it's way out will be the worst way to handle it. It may be that when we reach bottom on the Rozita well, we will find, Rozita, nothing more. If there is some other set of facts to tell, it's important to know, NOW.

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