Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rick Perry as Nero, Plausible Deniability reigns.

I won't rail at all the individual points in this article, they're pretty self evident. The kids have gone back, the war is not over but there is a lull. This article in the Dallas Morning News is great. Read the article, keep up to speed. Like I said, the war is not over.

"Conspicuously absent in the e-mail strings was Gov. Rick Perry. While his executive staff was exchanging information and tracking events, Mr. Perry did not receive a full briefing from officials until five days after the raid – when more than 500 people were being held in state-run shelters.

Spokeswoman Krista Piferrer said that because the situation was highly charged and fluid, Mr. Perry used the phone and personal updates from his staff to stay informed. During his administration, he has avoided using e-mail because the content is subject to open-records requests. The governor's office and CPS withheld hundreds of pages of messages, citing state laws exempting confidential information."

Interpretation? Not too difficult really. Governor Rick wishes to characterize all communications personally, not in a documentary fashion because it could come back to haunt him. In the game of "What did you know and when did you know it" the governor has notes passed to him, and then eats or burns them, so to speak. This should scare his loyalists downstream. If things get to hot, he'll give you up, believe it. Another case of "I'm shocked, shocked, to find out that gambling is going on..." (your winnings Governor Perry...) Note to the Governor's staff, if YOU'RE keeping the records, YOU will be held responsible for NOT telling the Governor. You will insist you DID tell him, he won't remember a thing.

CPS has more draconian plans for separating the children from mothers, but the Salvation Army declined to be a part of it.

"Salvation Army indicated it would not allow the conflict associated with separation to occur in its facility, which is why the separation would occur at a secure location prior to entering the Salvation Army grounds..."

Governor Perry gets it, and doesn't want any "on him." The Salvation Army "got it" and would have no part of it. Meanwhile the mindless bureaucracy that is CPS lurches forward, spending money that's not there, using emergency management resources for concentration camps and so on, blowing through every warning sign along the way. Governor Nero meanwhile, fiddles.

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