Monday, June 02, 2008

Even the Media protects Swinton

I'm getting exhausted with Rozita's ability to portray herself as pathetic. She nearly set off a conflagration that could have resulted in more deaths than Waco and that has cost the emotional health of small children not to mention tens of millions of dollars, yet the media protects her, seemingly even the Salt Lake Tribune.

"Rozita has worked full-time for an insurance company for seven years, attends community college part-time for general study courses, and is a practicing Mormon."

And then this;

"The company that distributes Rosemary's books also publishes a Westview newspaper. With a recent article about Rozita, it included a photo of her during a trip to El Salvador."

And it is claimed in the Westview that the photo was taken on a "mission." Here is the caption to a picture from the identical set used by the Salt Lake Tribune.

"Rozita Swinton is pictured here on one of her mission trips to El Salvador."

Connect the freakin' dots for cryin' out loud. Because I have researched this and Rozita was never on a "mission" for the LDS church. Pick up the phone and ask them. The starting point to every fact supplied by her friends ABOUT Rozita or BY Rozita herself is that it is a LIE. To be true, it has to be proved true. I don't think that's being done. I'll bet (could be wrong) that "Kate" was contacted by e-mail. My "BS" radar would have gone off so loud Salt Lake City would have thought an air raid was in progress.

"Contacted by The Salt Lake Tribune, Rosemary declined to be interviewed, citing the safety of her current foster children. But in her book, she wrote Rozita, who also rejected interview requests, was 'tragically abused' and had been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder."

9 chances out of 10? They contacted her by EMAIL. She referred them to ROZITA'S lawyer, just as I was referred there. Unless someone lays eyes on "Kate" and verifies who she is, we don't know ANYTHING.

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