Monday, June 02, 2008

Kate Rosemary moves to cover tracks.

The domain name "" is now listed at being owned by "Kate Rosemary" whereas before (and I have copied and saved it) the domain name as late as last month was under "Peggy Ann Way."

However, that new registration is of course false, since "Kate Rosemary" is an alias, not a real name. The change was made THURSDAY of last week. I can only figure this is due to exposing the web site ownership and trying to contact Dr. Way. Only one person I know of has been screaming this, your own Modern Pharisee.

It would seem, though I am a bit of an amateur at this, that the emails I got from "kate" came from Nashville. That would support the idea that "Kate" at least, is not Rozita, but only just a little bit. As far as I know, no one knows where Rozita is located, at present. It would also support the notion that "Kate" and Dr. Peggy Ann Way are close.

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